1 Vampie Pie
2 A Little Russian Dressing
3 Flyweight Champion of the World
4 Magna Cum Munsters
5 Designing Munsters
6 Farewell, Grandpa
7 Corporate Munsters
8 Herman The Astronaut
9 Rock Fever
10 Professor Grandpa
11 Say Ahhh
12 A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Cereal
13 Computer Mating
14 McMunsters
15 One Flu Over The Munsters' Nest
16 Green Eyed Munsters
17 The Not So Great Escape
18 Two Left Feet
19 Lights, Camera, Munsters
20 Neighborly Munsters
21 Munster Hoopster
22 Don't Cry Wolfman
23 The Howling
24 Eau De Munster
25 Three Hundred Something
26 No Place Like Home
27 Raging Hormones
28 Murder In Munster Land
29 Trial
30 It's A Wonderful Afterlife
31 The Eyes Have It
32 It's a Sad, Sad World
33 Melting Pot
34 Once in a Blue Moon
35 Drac The Ripper
36 Gateman and Son
37 Reunion
38 Pants on Fire
39 Munstergeist
40 Never Say Die
41 It's a Baby
42 Tell 'Em Herman Sent You
43 Thicker Than Water
44 Misadventures in Time
45 Will the Real Herman Munster Please Stand Up?
46 Deadlock
47 Take This Job and Shovel It
48 That's Gratitude
49 The Silver Bullet
50 The Reel Munsters
51 Wishing You Were Here
52 Three Munsters and a Baby
53 It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want to
54 Makin' Waves
55 Just Another Pretty Face
56 Kiss, Kiss
57 Mind Reader
58 No More Mr. Nice Guy
59 A House Divided
60 A Matter of Trust
61 Large
62 Genie from Hell
63 Lotsa Luck
64 If I Only Knew Now
65 Beating of Your Heart
66 Parenthood vs. Childhood
67 Das Trunk
68 A Camping We Will Go
69 Breaking the Chain
70 Diary of a Mad Munster Wife
71 The Bet
72 Family Night

Pilot; Still The Munsters After All These Years


Herman Munster.....John Schuck
Lily Munster.....Lee Meriwether
Vladimir Dracula (Grandpa).....Howard Morton
Edward Wolfgang (Eddie) Munster.....Jason Marsden
Marilyn Munster.....Hilary Van Dyke
Marilyn Munster (Unaired Pilot).....Mary Ellen Dunbar


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